Getting Started

Getting Started

Protocols for All Submissions

Before processing documents in response to a formal request, please note: The following protocols apply to ALL formats submitted to the Bureau of Competition. The Bureau has additional requirements pertaining to metadata, format, etc., for certain types of documents. See Preparing Collections for details.

Concordance Version and Load Files

The Bureau of Competition uses LexisNexis® Concordance® 10.011. With the production, you must submit:

  1. an image load file containing a line for every image file in the production, and
  2. a delimited data load file containing a line for every document in the production.

Virus Scanning

All electronic documents and production media shall be scanned and free of viruses prior to shipping to the Bureau. The Bureau will request replacement for any infected media, which may affect the timing of your compliance with the Bureau’s request.

Extracted Text / OCR

Submit text:

  • as document-level text files,
  • named for the beginning Bates number, and
  • organized into a folder separate from images.

We prefer not to receive Unicode text files unless absolutely necessary.


You must have the approval of the Bureau representative to globally de-dupe or to apply email threading. You do not need prior Bureau approval to deduplicate within a custodian’s document set.

Labeling & Numbering Files

For image file names, bates numbers and document identification numbers (Doc IDs), use a consistent number of numerals to prevent issues with image display, using leading zeros where necessary. Do not use a space to separate the prefix from numbers.

Acceptable formats (as long as you are consistent)

  • ABC-0001
  • ABC0001

Unacceptable format

  • ABC 0001

Recommended Delimiters

We strongly recommend using these delimiters in delimited data load files:

Description Symbol ASCII Character
Field Separator  20
Quote Character Þ 254
Newline ® 174
Mulitple Field Entries ; 059

Image Files

We accept image files that are:

  • Black and White: 300 DPI, Group IV Tiff
  • Color: Jpeg files or PDF files, submitted as linked native file

Date & Time Format

Submit date and time data in separate fields so Concordance can load it.