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A consumer survey was conducted to examine the communication effects of a promotional booklet for a dietary supplement. The booklet consisted entirely of three pages of consumer testimonials, primarily from senior citizens, touting the product's efficacy for treating various diseases...
An overview of the FTC’s enforcement, policy initiatives, and consumer outreach and business guidance in the areas of privacy and data security, from January 2013-March 2014.
A summary of the results of a small-scale study to validate the final set of changes to the prototype privacy notice.
An FTC-commissioned research study designed to investigate consumer take-away from one print advertisement and two TV advertisements for a probiotic dairy drink product called DanActive. Specifically, the study sought to assess whether the advertisements communicated to consumers,...
A summary report on the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) conference “Behavioral Economics and Consumer Policy Conference,” held on April 20, 2007 in Washington, DC. Sponsored by the Bureau of Economics, the conference brought together leading researchers from various fields to present...
COPPA compliance survey reviewing information collection practices at 144 children's Web sites.