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A company that  provides a “Made in USA” certification seal to marketers has agreed to settle Federal Trade Commission charges that it deceived consumers by allowing companies to use the seal without either independently verifying that those companies’ products were made in the United States, or...
Following a public comment period, the Federal Trade Commission has approved final consent orders settling charges that Nissan North America, Inc. and advertising agency TBWA Worldwide, Inc. deceptively advertised a Nissan Frontier truck pushing a dune buggy up a steep hill, something th
A federal court has ordered the operators of a Baltimore-based immigration services scam to pay as much as $616,000 in refunds to Spanish-speaking immigrants, who were deceived into paying the defendants for immigration services that they were not qualified or authorized to provide. The order bans...
Following a public comment period, the Federal Trade Commission has approved a final consent order settling charges that beauty products and cosmetics marketer L’Occitane violated the Federal Trade Commission Act with claims about the slimming properties of its Almond Beautiful Shape and Almond...
La Comisión Federal de Comercio (FTC, por su sigla en inglés) publicó su cuarto importante estudio sobre el cumplimiento de las pautas de autorregulación del sector de bebidas alcohólicas, incluidas las pautas diseñadas para tratar las preocupaciones relacionadas con el acceso de los jóvenes al...
The Federal Trade Commission released its fourth major study on alcohol industry compliance with self-regulatory guidelines, including those designed to address concerns about youth access to alcohol marketing.

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Join the Federal Trade Commission, the offices of the Attorney General from Mississippi, North Carolina, Tennessee, Florida and Georgia, legal services attorneys and other consumer advocates, and state and federal consumer protection officials at this free event to discuss issues...

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