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An Internet marketer has agreed to settle Federal Trade Commission allegations that he blasted consumers with millions of deceptive spam text messages. Henry Nolan Kelly was the subject of one of a series of FTC complaints filed in March against those responsible for sending millions of spam text...
The Federal Trade Commission has moved to shut down an international network of scammers that sent millions of unwanted text messages to consumers, using the lure of “free” gift cards and electronics to entice consumers into an elaborate scheme designed to take their money and target them for...
The Federal Trade Commission is seeking a contempt order in federal court against defendants previously involved in a massive, Florida-based marketing scheme, alleging that they violated the terms of a court-ordered permanent injunction by engaging in some of the same deceptive tactics that led to...

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According to the ubiquitous infomercials, to rake in the big bucks with Russell Dalbey’s “wealth-building” programs, all you had to do was “Find ‘Em,” “List ‘Em,” and “Make Money" — the “‘Em” being seller-financed promissory notes.  The pitch was convincing to the close to one...

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Discusses the applicability of the Telemarketing Sales Rule to third-party telemarketing companies hired by an insurance company to sell insurance products.