FTC Facebook Chats

Facebook Chats

While the FTC actively answers questions as timely as possible on Facebook, occasionally we’ll have staff on hand to answer questions in real-time. Chats in Facebook are simple: The FTC will post a status update seeking questions and answers questions within the comment thread.

We will promote each chat on Facebook via the FTC’s Facebook page, through the media, and other FTC channels.

Facebook Chat Guidelines

  1. We will respond to each question directed at the individual who asked them (this involves linking user names such as @FederalTradeCommission).
  2. Unless posted otherwise, chats are limited to 60 minutes.
  3. We’ll answer questions from as many different participants as possible before going back to someone who has already asked a question.
  4. Remember that we cannot discuss non-public information, but will try to answer as many questions from participants as possible in the time allowed.
  5. Official records posted to FTC.gov will not include names of individuals who asked questions. For more details about how we maintain records of Facebook chats, please see our Facebook Privacy Impact Assessment.

The following is a list of transcripts from previous FTC Facebook chats:

Topic Date Details
Business Opportunity Scams November 2012 FTC Staff Attorney Janice Kopec answered questions about the FTC’s crackdown on Business Opportunity Scams.
FTC Robocall Challenge October 2012 FTC staff attorney Kati Daffan answered questions about the agency’s first public challenge.
Google August 2012 FTC staff attorneys Megan Gray and Megan Bartley answered questions live about the FTC’s settlement with Google.
Robocalls July 2012 FTC staff attorney Kati Daffan answered questions live about the FTC's new robocalls initiatives.
Skechers Settlement May 2012 FTC East Central Region attorney Larissa Bungo answered questions live about the FTC’s settlement with Skechers.
Final FTC Privacy Report March 2012 Chris Olsen answered questions live about the FTC’s final privacy report.