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This is a free society and we must research all possibilities in purchasing any merchandise or vehicles we would like to purchased. The "mark up" is out of control. I ave worked in distribution center and the mark is total ridiculous. The freedom to purchased vehicles from another state is welcome. It should be and the dealerships are out of control. They will deceived many people in purchasing their vehicles when the "blue book" gives a different value for the vehicle. An example: "Purchased a car in Florida is higher than purchasing one in North Carolina." Example: Purchasing a 2014 Toyota Camry in Florida is priced at $25,995.00 the same vehicle in North Carolina is priced at $18,995.00 with major discounts." Which would you purchased??? This should be open forum for all consumers. The same financing will suffice where ever we live. The companies or banks are all over the world. Thanks FTC for bringing this information to us. We welcome truth any day and consumers do your research. The dealership mark up is ridiculous and unreal. The dealership is about quantity and not quality. We need quality and not quantity.
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