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Dealerships are the most unpleasant businesses in America in my experience. First, you go in and they try to tell you what you want and how they can give you a good deal. The only good deals are those available through groups such as Credit Unions. Otherwise, the consumer has to tolerate several visits to the dealer, with numerous "checks with the boss" by the salesman to see if he can get my offer approved. If you leave and return, the price almost always drops: that is my experience of buying cars for the past 49 years in four different states. My Tesla was the first car I enjoyed buying, and it will be my next purchase, too, when GEN III (the $35,000 Tesla) is on the market. I don't need protection from Tesla Motors: they sell the best cars in the world! Don't tell them I said so, but I would have paid a lot more had I known what a superior car my MS would be! Those buyers in my Tesla Owners' Club in Atlanta feels the same way!
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