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I bought a Tesla. And I did not pay more, I am paying less than I would have had to pay for any other car I was looking for, one of them being Audi Q7 for comparison. Those "narrow minded" engineers turned out to be "well focused" instead and built a car I like so much I feat any situation in which I may be forced to drive anything else. They are listening to their customers much closer than the dealers and, unlike dealers of my past cars, contacted me upfront with things they wanted to check on the car, came to me, have me another Tesla to drive while they do it. They also save me time from having to run around multiple dealerships trying to squeeze the price out. It is what it is. Awesome experience, unlike all the tricks and attempts to squeeze more money for maintenance out of my pocket by previous dealerships. I am not against dealerships per se, and could see them working with Tesla later, but those would have to be entirely different. Dealership model of today is, as they say, a stealership. Don't focus on just the up-front price of the car, there is much more to TCO and the experience than that.
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