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Thank you, FTC officials, for stating your sensible position so well. States passed franchise laws to protect franchised dealers from their own manufacturers who might become competitors. No company should be forced to become a franchisor so that franchise laws can apply to them. In our supposedly free competitive enterprise system, it is the American consumers who should decide which products and business models succeed. I can't imagine why a dealer would even want to sell a Tesla car. Maintenance is minimal. Dealers make most of their money through parts and service. Tesla sends a Ranger to repair your car at your home or business, or leaves you with a loaner if he needs to take the car to a Tesla service center. Tesla's service division has been mandated to provide no net profit to the company. Who would want to be a franchised dealer under these conditions? The dealers and their legislator coconspirators are just trying to keep out competition. That's unconstitutional and un-American. Times change, and we all must adapt. If similar protectionist measures were in place a century ago, we still may be relying on horses and buggies. The mandatory dealership laws appear contrary to the interstate commerce clause of the US Constitution. Will the FTC go to federal court to demand noninterference in the right of a manufacturer with no franchise contracts to offer direct sales and service to consumers?
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