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An impressively sensible statement. Need to be careful, danger of restoring faith in government. While we are on the subject of incumbent vested interests stifling competition from Tesla in particular, could you please take a look at the complex issue of false and misleading advertising of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles as green. Hydrogen is exclusively in any economic future sense the product of Natural Gas with attendant heavy and unregulated pollution of air and groundwater at the source and copious CO2 pollution during conversion of Natural Gas to Hydrogen via unregulated steam reforming. It is certainly not green and when whats is basically fracking and steam reforming is advertised as green and 'emissions free' with diversionary tag lines such as 'hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe', new developments in green and green-leaning processes are faced with false competition from vested polluting practices. To borrow your phrase: We hope lawmakers will recognise efforts by auto dealers auto makers and the oil and gas industry and others to promote hydrogen as a green emissions free fuel offered cheaply of for free with a Fuel Cell Vehicle for what it is — illegal/unlawful competition to restrict the market for renewable energy and sustainable transportation by the false and intentionally deceptive marketing of heavily polluting processes as though they were also green or green-leaning. I would ask the FTC to investigate the practice of fossil fuels converted to Hydrogen deliberately sold in ways designed to undercut the pricing model of green and green-leaning technologies (and sold as such) with intent to stifle competition to the incumbent producers of the fossil fuel source of Hydrogen (Big Oil) and cars (Big Auto). See Hyundai Tucson FCV offered with Free hydrogen in California, and the efforts of Big Oil to site hydrogen filling stations in proximity to centres of market share for Tesla and to defraud the California Air Resources Board of $200 Million for polluting filling stations producing local CO2 emissions via steam reforming that would otherwise have been emitted by any fossil fuel powered vehicle powered by the same fossil fuels.
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