BP Amoco p.l.c., and Atlantic Richfield Company

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In the Matter of BP Amoco p.l.c., and Atlantic Richfield Company
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Federal Injunctions

Case Summary

Commission authorized staff to file a motion in federal district court to prevent the merger of BP Amoco p.1.c. and Atlantic Richfield Company. The complaint, filed in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California, San Francisco Division on February 4,2000, alleged that the merger would reduce competition in the exploration and production of Alaska North Slope crude oil and its sale to West Coast refineries, and in the market for pipeline and storage facilities in Cushing, Oklahoma. The merger would combine: (1) the two largest producers of crude oil on the North Slope of Alaska; (2) the two largest suppliers of Alaska North Slope crude oil to refineries in California and Washington; (3) and the two most successful competitors in bidding for exploration leases on the North Slope: On March 15,2000, five days before the start of the trial, the defendants and the Commission agreed to seek adjournment of the federal court proceedings to enter into consent negotiations. The consent order became final August 29,2000.

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