Carilion Clinic, a corporation, In the Matter of

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In the Matter of Carilion Clinic, a corporation
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081 0259

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Part III Administrative Complaint

Case Summary

In July 2009, the Commission issued an administrative complaint challenging Carilion Clinic’s 2008 acquisition of two competing outpatient clinics in the Roanoke, Virginia, area. The complaint alleges that Carilion’s acquisition of these outpatient centers eliminated competition in violation of federal antitrust laws, and will lead to higher health care costs and reduced incentives to maintain and improve service and quality of care for patients in the Roanoke area. The complaint seeks divestiture of these centers and related assets necessary to restore the competition eliminated by the acquisition. On October 7, 2009 Carillion agreed to sell two independent outpatient medical clinics it acquired last year to settle Federal Trade Commission charges that the acquisitions were anticompetitive and violated federal law.

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