Scam Alert

Scammers are exploiting the FTC’s good name and promising phony sweepstakes prizes. The FTC investigates fraud and provides free information, but it never collects money directly from consumers. FTC staffers don’t have any involvement with this sweepstakes scam, but they do want you to avoid it. Learn how...

What to do if you receive a scam call

  • File a complaint at Be sure to include:
    • Date and time of the call
    • Name of the government agency the imposter used
    • Prize amount, amount requested in fees, and payment method
    • Phone number of the caller; although scammers may use technology to create a fake number or spoof a real one, law enforcers may be able to track that number to identify the caller
    • Any other details from the call

Common Scams

The following scams have been reported to the FTC OIG. Consumers should be aware that these calls are fraudulent and/or from imposters:

  • Callers identifying themselves as Federal Trade Commission employees or contractors saying consumers have won an award, consumers’ assets are frozen until they pay some fine or lien, or that the caller is going to help the consumer recover funds lost in a scam. Even if real FTC employees’ names are used, these calls are scams.
  • Callers using the names:
    • John Walker, Steve Finch, Steven Finch, Bruce Watson, Jolly Rogers, Ella Parker, James Neal, Casey Adler, Gabriel Evans, Kristen Anderson, Clara Simmons, Jeff Davidson, Dave Thomas, Jason Fox, John Jurgevich, John Hayes, Walter Terry, Agent Walsh, Officer Jones, Jonathan Walsh, Karen Rodriguez, Mark Gucy (or Guty), Luis Pena, Gary Dunn, Mary Cannon, Mike Johnson, Charles King, Trent Reznor, Tom Wilson, Frank Howard, Joseph Baker, Alex Cooper, Ray Allen, Ray Aaron, Richard A. Paige, Mrs. Walker, Roberto Anguizola, J. Adams, Officer Frank Howard, Adam Hall, Marvin Taylor, Officer Revenor, Marina Miles, Jason Lopez, David Johnson, Charles Taylor, Jacob Widdmen, Raymond Butler, Jefferson Allison, Emma Coleman, Victor Cruz, Melissa Owens, Samuel Fisher, Susan Moore, Darek Rogers, James Bridges, Jim Towne, Christian Lawson, Officer Trent Resnor, SGT Gary Rosen, Jerry Anderson, Dan Mercedd, Daniel Conover, Sirica McIntosh, Mark Taylor, Jessica Drake, Jason Martin, Linda Fisher, Michael Vega Gonzalez, Alejandro Perez Barrantes, Aldo Vargas Bricero, Luis Rojas Valverde, Ellen M. Heitman, Thomas E. Williams, Manuel Murillo Rodriguez, Rufus Williams, Thomas P. Moore, Esq; Moore, Hernandez & Associates, LLP; Raymond O’Neal J., Robert Goldstein, Bryan Goldfield, Christine Moore, Chris Carter, Tim Reed, Joseph Baker, Mark Becker, Spencer Reed, Michael Bell, Steve Jackson, Special Agent Chris Cornell, James Schultz, Adam Thomas (, Bureau of Defaulters Agency, National Credit Restitution Department, Sky Green, James Smith, Agent Lopez, William Jones
  • Calls from the following phone numbers:
    • 850-910-8076, 646-863-8625, 309-200-2640, 347-441-5990, 585-301-4651, 202-558-4620, 202-391-0984, 800-498-4660, 202-652-2864, 202-760-2343, 717-889-0667, 202-558-4553, 202-239-6464, 800-830-1770, 202-845-9708, 305-407-2063, 202-580-2127, 202-580-8076, 202-609-7013, 877-967-4425, 202-470-3789, 202-580-8134, 212-845-9708, 718-354-8659, 718-355-9817, 202-326-2395, 202-326-2222, 202-558-4602, 202-241-3601, 235-310-1054, 202-470-5494, 202-580-8076, 877-865-6706 x8011, 917-338-0462, 773-828-4114, 202-470-3789, 202-905-9690, 718-355-8331, 202-391-0259, 585-471-2895, 876-843-9211, 202-280-1321, 202-600-9715, 202-803-5885, 202-600-9715 x8000, 202-747-0106 x8001, 202-618-9518 x8002, 202-599-6207 x8003, 202-599-9561 x8004, 202-599-6207 x8005, 202-204-6218 x8006, 202-599-6206 x8007, 202-800-7355 x8009, 202-803-5881 x8011, 202-360-4616 x8012, 701-335-7107, 404-860-1565, 757-528-8037, 702-425-6265, 617-275-5929, 406-318-1330, 202-241-3074, 220-241-3074, 702-605-8715, 877-329-6314, 800-591-0030, 631-353-4206, 631-204-6967, 206-220-6363, 206-220-6350, 206-497-5899, 206-414-1311, 202-601-0722, 443-478-7480, 202-558-4602, 202-391-0984, 202-584-6937, 202-779-9229, 818-539-4862, 202-470-3344, 303-719-7189, 202-470-2419, 206-414-5553, 202-509-0178, 202-241-0332