Office of the General Counsel

About the Office of the General Counsel

The Office of the General Counsel (OGC) is the Commission’s chief legal officer and adviser.  The Office’s major functions are (1) representing the Commission in court (2) providing legal counsel to the Commission, the operating bureaus, and other offices, and (3) providing advice and recommendations on policy issues.  For more information about the work performed by the Office of the General Counsel, click here.

“I’ve attended legal conferences and meetings regarding sensitive agency issues, made determinations on what constitutes privileged information, and even assisted with the hiring process.  I’ve been able to see how the agency works from the inside.  The FTC really allows you to pursue your interests while engaging in substantive work.”

-- Brandon Remington

OGC Honors Paralegals

Working in the OGC, you will be exposed to issues relating to every office within the agency.  These include consumer protection issues, antitrust violations, congressional
relations, civil litigation, and employment issues.

You may analyze and monitor bills in Congress that affect the agency’s consumer protection or antitrust mission, report on Congressional hearings, and assist with Congressional testimony, briefings and correspondence.  Additionally, you may learn about employment law, civil litigation processes and appellate civil litigation practices.

In addition, you will work with Commissioners and attorneys across the agency to prepare official responses to Freedom
of Information Act (FOIA) requests and other requests for agency information. You will manage your own caseload, research relevant statutes, review agency records, apply applicable exemptions, and prepare memoranda detailing your response.

These positions may involve frequent contact with senior agency staff, members of the public, the media, and outside law firms.  All OGC Honors Paralegals assist on a wide variety of other matters involving the agency’s practice.