How to Apply

Most of the hiring for the FTC’s Honors Paralegal Program is done in the winter and spring of each year. Available positions are usually posted in January and February. However, there may be postings at other times. Check the USAJOBS website for current openings. All applicants must apply by responding to a vacancy announcement found on the USAJOBS website or FT-SEE.

When you complete the application on USAJOBS, you automatically apply to all the open paralegal positions in the Bureau of Competition (BC)Bureau of Consumer Protection (BCP), and Office of the General Counsel (OGC) at that time. You do not need to complete a separate application for each Bureau or Office.

Please complete all the steps in the online application process:

  1. Locate the vacancy announcement on USAJOBS

    Review the announcement thoroughly, including the necessary qualifications and which documents you will need to submit to support your application. Click on “Apply for this position now!” to start the submission of your application.

  2. Complete the User Information questions

    After you click “Apply now!” you will be taken to the Federal Trade Staffing and Employment Express (FT-SEE) webpage.

  3. Complete the online vacancy questions

    Once you have completed the user information questions and have included a resume, you will be taken to the vacancy application questions. Answer all of the questions thoroughly.

  4. Fax the required documents

    After you have completed the vacancy questions, you will be asked to upload or fax any additional required documents. Please fax the documents to the number provided. Without certain documents, your application may not be given full consideration. All documents must be submitted and received by the closing date of the vacancy announcement.

  5. What to expect next

    If we wish to contact you for an interview, we will do so directly. Once we have made our final hiring decisions, the Human Resources Specialist for the vacancy will notify you.