Bureau of Competition

As the Federal Trade Commission’s antitrust arm, the Bureau of Competition is responsible for challenging violations of antitrust laws and promoting and protecting free and vigorous competition. The nation’s antitrust laws, which form the foundation of our free market economy, promote the interests of consumers and support unfettered markets, resulting in lower prices and more choices.

The FTC enforces the Federal Trade Commission Act and the Clayton Act, both passed by Congress in 1914. These laws prohibit anticompetitive mergers and business practices that seek to prevent hard-driving competition, such as illegal boycotts, price-fixing, collusion, monopolistic conduct, attempts to monopolize, and conspiracies in restraint of trade. Each year, the Bureau of Competition investigates thousands of proposed mergers and determines if they are likely to harm competition and investigates other potential law violations. When needed, the Bureau seeks legal remedies in federal court or before the FTC’s administrative law judges. The Bureau also serves as a resource for policy makers on competition issues, and works closely with foreign competition agencies to promote sound and consistent outcomes in the international arena.

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“As a recent college graduate, I could not have asked for a better first job than working at the FTC. In my short time here, I have gained valuable litigation, research, and writing experience, and I’ve also developed great professional relationships with attorneys and fellow Honors Paralegals. The sense of camaraderie extends throughout the agency. One of the Commissioners invited some paralegals to have breakfast and chat about career paths and graduate school —this was an experience I will remember for many years to come.”

-- Joyce Kim

BC Honors Paralegals

Honors Paralegals in the Bureau of Competition gain hands-on legal experience while assisting attorneys, investigators, and economists in the investigation and litigation of complex antitrust matters. During their appointments, BC Honors Paralegals work on merger and anticompetitive practice cases in a wide range of industries such as defense, oil and gas, technology, pharmaceuticals, and health care. BC Honors Paralegals contribute to every step of these complex antitrust cases.

As part of investigative teams, BC Honors Paralegals’ assignments are interesting, varied, and challenging. BC Honors Paralegals conduct market research, interview and meet with industry participants, write informative reports, analyze document submissions for evidence, prepare exhibits for trial, and help attorneys in the courtroom. Honors Paralegals in the Bureau of Competition also draft memoranda, affidavits, and findings of fact.

In addition, BC Honors Paralegals may also work on highly relevant policy oriented projects like creating congressional reports and planning workshops about competition issues.